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Zeus Labs is a digital freight platform with a vision to disrupt the freight management and haulage industry. We deploy the power of digital technology to drive efficiency in the haulage ecosystem. Shippers can save more money and time, while hauliers can improve their earnings. Our sustainable model helps reduce carbon emissions from empty trucks.

Zeus’ technology allows shippers and hauliers to manage their jobs, track their drivers and reduce the number of empty trucks and spare freight capacity on the roads. We are a next-generation digital freight platform with a focus on innovation, efficiency, sustainability, and transparency.


Zeus Labs was Founded in 2019 by Clemente Theotokis and Jai Kanwar, who saw the gaps in the haulage and logistics industry and set out to offer sustainable and efficient technology to improve the entire end to end process.

Today, Zeus’ core team comprises of technology, transportation, and logistics experts across six different European nationalities.


We believe in the sustainable drive for a greener world. We also believe in the power of technology to enhance the human experience, hence we’re committed to transforming the future of freight by harnessing the twin drivers of technology and innovation to drive efficiency, profitability and a greener future.


We desire to see a world where efficiency, profitability and sustainability drive the logistics and supply chain management ecosystem. Our vision is to deliver a platform for the global community of hauliers to drive efficiencies, increase profitability, and reduce emissions by maximising each truckload.


With the ever-increasing demands in the industry, we seek to help both Hauliers and Shippers get the most out of a trucks’ journey. We seek ways to bring more efficiency to the transport sector and finding unexplored ways to maximise profitability while minimising costs for businesses in need of shipping. We facilitate a sustainable and truly collaborative platform between Shippers and Hauliers


A strong mentality for agile and efficient systems drives us, while our desire for customer success unifies us. We operate a remote and flexible work schedule, allowing our employees to live richer lives.

Meet the team

Founded by Jai Kanwar and Clemente Theotokis in 2019, Zeus' core team is composed of a group of very highly experienced experts in the digital freight industry.