Haul with Zeus

Gain instant, free access to the digital freight platform of the future. Use cutting-edge technology that keep your trucks filled and your profits maximised.

Haul with Zeus

How Zeus helps hauliers

Access contract and spot jobs. Take a load off and let Zeus streamline your operations all year round, all in one place.

Up to 37% Higher Earnings

Our platform optimises your routes and matches loads to your availability and vehicles. Zeus hauliers see actual gains.

Faster Payments

As soon as drivers upload their PODs (Proof of Delivery) in the Zeus App we process payments.


Become a part of our loyalty programme and gain access to discounted tyres, truck maintenance and much more!

When hauliers choose Zeus they maximise their own potential.

Embrace the next-generation of digital freight, avoid empty miles, and secure the best jobs on the market.

What our hauliers say

Nick / Haulier

“We have been working with Zeus for several months and have found them an extremely helpful and effective company to work alongside. Rates of pay are good and payment terms flexible which is a great help with cash flow. We cannot recommend them enough.”


Jagveer / Haulier

“Been working with Zeus for over 6 months, to be honest I am extremely satisfied. No more dead mileage and extremely helpful staff. Have worked for other platforms but with Zeus you actually get to speak to humans. I have grown my business and have added 2 more trucks with the help from the Zeus team. Thanks guys.”

B Quick Logistics, UK

Shippers include

Are you an owner operator or owner driver?

Then Zeus is the perfect partner for you!

Our freight matching platform and 24/7 UK based service team frees you up to take on the big opportunities. More loads, less fuss. No fees.


In just 2 days after Proof of Delivery (PODs) uploaded.


We provide fast and easy domestic work. Get loads quickly and easily.


Get real savings with our loyalty scheme.